Saturday, July 25, 2009


+++++++++I'm going to go in a little bit of a different direction today, because I happen to think you need a jolt. This is from a personal journal entry and I think you all need to hear it, because it is within you as well. Wake it up. ++++++++++

I may seem like a shy, quiet kind of person, but there is something brewing deep inside me. I am so much more than what you see. I am the herald of great change. Now that I have forgiven and asked forgiveness for the harm I have caused and that has been caused in my life, I am ready.

Something ancient is throwing stones inside me and screaming to be free. I could run for miles and miles with no reason, as long as it's cold and I can see my breath in the air and I have time for no thought and the burn of my muscles working together to get me farther away. It is waking up again.

I am a nomadic woman. I can't stay in place or in line for long. Nothing is as it should be in this world, and as long as I have air in my lungs and energy in my body, I will not be silent. You may be content to live your life according to your pleasures, but that is not my place. I feel others' pain. I can feel it from miles and continents away. Just because I am one person does not mean that there is nothing I can do.

Do 1 thing. Do 10 things, do 100 things, but at the very least, at least for today, do 1 thing. Make it up as you go along, but we are all born with an inherent sense of right and wrong, and I am positive that if you dwell on it genuinely and honestly, you will know what your one thing should be.

WAKE IT UP INSIDE OF YOU. We are not slaves, we are not weak. We are not helpless, we surely are not useless. DO SOMETHING. Don't just sit on your hands and bemoan the state of the world. DO SOMETHING. Get up. Get up now out of your seat, get out from behind that glowing screen. STOP READING THIS. Get up now and do something good! DO THAT ONE THING! More will follow. Do YOUR 1 thing. Then encourage another to do theirs, and meet me in the morning. Tell me what your 1 thing was. I'm eager to hear you.

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